About Gulf Treasure Seafood

Gulf Treasure is our premium line of products that are sold to wholesale distributors through our sister companies, Jensen Tuna and Gulf Fish, both headquartered in Louisiana.
We are fortunate to continue our growth in the fishing industry since our founding in 1987. Over the years, we’ve built our reputation for quality throughout the United States and Canada, and beyond. Having established our success at the wholesale level, our brand is expanding into the retail market.
Our experience as a family-owned business inspires us to offer the highest-quality seafood for the most discerning of tastes. That experience was first developed as fishermen ourselves before focusing on seafood processing.
In fact, our demanding standards have made us a premier processor of wild-caught domestic shrimp in the U.S. Our state-of-the-art grading, peeling and packaging underscores our commitment to quality. That commitment applies to all of our Gulf Treasure products including our wild-caught tuna, barramundi, snapper and more.  
We also strive to maximize the advantages of our farm-raised offerings such as Cobia and Red Drum, which are sustainable in open sea. We use the latest aquaculture technology to provide our fish with the best conditions possible.
We are confident you will enjoy Gulf Treasure, our premium brand. You deserve nothing less. 

Gulf Treasure Fresh Seafood Updates

Please call your salesperson about our Fresh Frozen Shrimp. We have all sizes: U/10, U/12, 16/20, etc. And all types: Head-on IQF, Head-off, Peeled, PTO, P&D, Nobashi! We also have Chem-free shrimp - All Natural!! Wild-Caught Domestic Shrimp from Louisiana - Sustainable Seafood!
Please call for price & availability.
Shrimping Season is Here!