Gulf Treasure Premium & Sustainable Seafood

Gulf Treasure is our premium line of seafood products that are sold to wholesale distributors through our sister companies, Jensen Tuna & Gulf Fish, out of Louisiana. Over the years, we’ve built our reputation for quality throughout the US & Canada, and beyond. Having established our success at the wholesale level, our brand is expanding into the retail market. 

Our premium Yellowfin tuna is delightful with its mild flavor and firm texture. The meat of the Yellowfin, also known as Ahi, has a bright red color. Tuna Steaks are individually vacuum-packed for maximum freshness.
Gulf Treasure Red Drum Fish are raised in a sustainable eco-friendly environment in the open sea. Cool saltwater continuously brings fresh oxygen and nutrients producing healthy large fish. Red Drum has a mild, sweet flavor with a warm light pink texture and large, moist makes. It cooks up snow white in color.

Gulf Treasure Fresh Seafood Updates

At the end of the grilling season!
Please call for price & availability.
Labor Day - Monday, 2 September 2019
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